Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Also this...

Go Knicks! The boys in orange and blue open their season against Chicago tonight. Which is going to be an ass-kicking of monstrous proportion! 

Me?  I'm going to channel the serenity prayer and simply think positive thoughts while the team figures out the triangle offense.

The bad news? Given the collective basketball IQ of the current Knicks roster, this will be equivalent to watching a bunch of 10 year olds try to figure out advanced calculus.

The good news? There isn't any. Baseball season can't get here fast enough.

That waitress I was seeing's lost her desire for me

I found myself at a friend's house the other night talking about Bruce Springsteen. The question came up:  Which was the best Bruce Springsteen song ever? 

(Editorial note:  I use the past tense here because, obviously, none of the man's recent work can hold a candle to his early stuff.)

In any case, I was surprised that nobody knew the answer but me.  I refer, of course, to the masterpiece titled "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)."

Chorus: I'm reminded of those commercials in which somebody says that thing about Geico saving you fifteen percent and the other person says "Everybody knows that." Me: Exactly! I thought everybody knew that. Chorus: Apparently not.

None of which is really that important, other than to say that two years ago today Hurricane Sandy roared through the northeastern United States, pretty much ripping New York City apart while, at the same time, totally ignoring the city of Troy.

It was the first time in my life that I actually paid attention to the weather forecasters and filled my tub with water. After the fact I felt like a bit of a knucklehead.

Sandy, perhaps appropriately, also tore through the Jersey Shore. The Bay Head beach house in which I spent the summers of my youth was left more or less untouched, but the house of a family I knew not less than a mile away, in Mantoloking, was completely wrecked.  Literally washed off its foundations and tossed into Barnegat Bay. Very sad.

I'd post the lyrics to the song but for two reasons:  A) Today is not the 4th of July, which is when I always post the lyrics to that song, and B) I can't work my cell phone that well.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tales of brave Ulysses

Also dead, Jack Bruce. A couple of days ago. 71 years old, former bass player and lead singer for Cream, the supergroup featuring Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker.

Clapton just wrote a nice guitar instrumental in acknowledgement of Bruce's passing. I'd attached here, but I am still blogging using my phone. So I can't.

For the record, I'm not saying it can't be done. Rather that I cannot do it.

Thinking of Dylan

Not Bob, but Thomas.  Would have been 100 today.

"Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Easier said than done, apparently.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

We are all fools

I believe it was Dionysius who said "Sense is nonsense to a fool."  Or at least that's what Euripides had him saying.

Brief aside: it's kind of fun how the dictation app spells Euripides "your abilities."

In any case, I leave now for Charlottesville Virginia to fulfill my promise of several months ago of reviewing the Virginia / Carolina football game in person and reporting back.

It should be a hum dinger.

Chorus: Dionysius always reminded me of Jim Morrison. Me: join the club.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First his feet, and now his freedom

I thought I heard a noise last night, so I reached under my pillow, pulled out my Colt Python and emptied six rounds into my cat. With whom I had recently had a nasty argument.

I then reloaded and emptied another six, just to be sure. I later told the police I thought he was a very tiny burglar.

None of this is true, of course, but does serve to bring us to the matter of Oscar Pistorius. Recently convicted of what we would call manslaughter, he was sentenced yesterday to five years in jail.

The good news for the Big O is that, according to South African law, he only needs to spend 10 months in jail, and the rest of his term under house arrest. Which, if you're rich, is not that bad a gig all things considered.

The net net here is that the guy is going to do ten months hard time for killing his girlfriend. That doesn't seem like very much.

Ahhhh. The World Series

I'm rooting for the San Francisco Giants, just so we're clear. But only if they let Tim Lincecum pitch at least one inning during the series. Otherwise I'm rooting for the Cows.

Of the 25 people on the Giants roster for the previous two series, my boy Timmy is the only one to not make a single appearance. Not a single one.

Where has all the magic gone?

Chorus: I don't understand your use of the word cows. Me: a little known fact is that the Kansas City Royals are named after a type of steer, and not anything to do with kings and queens and princes and people of that ilk. Chorus: hence cows. Me: exactly.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Go Jets

Every football season involves three mantras. They are, in order: Go Jets, Go Giants, and Anybody but the Cowboys.  In a perfect world, we'd never have to worry about the third one.

But now, sadly, the first two seem to have flown out the window. The Giants may still right the ship and then who knows? But realistically speaking, all we can hope for now is for the Cowboys not to make the playoffs.

This puts us in the odd position of having to root for the Eagles. Which I'm okay with, because the mantra now is Anybody but the Cowboys!

Go Blue!  It's always fun to beat the Cowboys in Dallas.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What are the chances?

I love this photo.  In a million years I couldn't draw a line of paint this straight across my thumb if I tried.

In the end, I decided to just leave it be and not wash my hands for a couple of days. Just to enjoy the majesty of the thing.

Eventually it wore off.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Go Mets

Quite a while ago a week or two at least I put up a post that listed three things the meds needed to do to get better next year. First one was to have one of the Molina brothers train Travis d'Arnaud and how to be a catcher. The second one was to move in the fences at Citi Field. I forget what the third one was, the dictating this I can't go back and figure it out. News flash! Earlier this week that they will be moving in at Citi Field. So we can check that box, if you are comfortable with a British ISM like take that box.

This freaking app! I try to say the words tic that box and in one case it says take that box and in the other case it says check that box. The first time I said it in this paragraph it still won't right tick, it writes I don't know what, I don't know what it right. Now I'm babbling. This dictation business is harder than it looks.

All that said, and under the adventures in blogging category, I decided to not check any of my copy for typographical errors and simply allow it to rest as it lies. If that makes any sense.